Student Research (to be updated !!)

Doctoral students

Sr. NoName of the StudentResearch TopicGraduated/ Ongoing
1st112354 Anuman ChanthawongEconomic and Environmental Impacts of Promoting Biofuel in Thailand in the Contract of ASEAN Economic CommunityGraduated, May 2016
2st112211 Kawin RuamsukeClimate Change Policy Analysis in Southeast Asian Countries: A Dynamic General Equilibrium ApproachGraduated, May 2016
3st113275 Arkarlat KunvitayaEnergy and Infrastructure Costs Associated with Urban Typology in ThailandGraduated Dec 2017
4st112171 Onicha MeangbuaImplications of Household Consumption to Energy Requirements and CO2 emissions in Thailand: Micro and Macro PerspectivesGraduated in May 2020
5st117666 Dararat KhamchiangtaCharacteristics of Urban Heat Island, Local Climate Zone Classification and Strategies for BangkokGraduated in 2020

Masters research/thesis:

Sr. NoName of the StudentResearch TopicGraduated/Ongoing
1st114367 Vinalong PhonekeoElectric Vehicle as a Transportation Option for Vientiane: Impact on Transport Energy Demand, GHG Emission and Implications for Electricity PlanningGraduated, May 2014
2st114547 Panipak ThipthiangthaeEstimating Greenhouse Gas Emission in the Corporate Sector: The Case of AIT, ThailandGraduated, July 2014
3st114425 Chayaphol VichitpuntStakeholders’ Perception On Plug-in Electric Vehicle Development in Thailand: A SWOT-ANP AnalysisGraduated, May 2015
4st114386 Anantaa PandeyEffectiveness of Subsidy Policy in Addressing Barriers to Renewable Energy Technology Deployment in NepalGraduated, May 2014
5st115375 Bikash AdhikariImpact of Subsidy on Household Biogas Development in NepalGraduated, May 2015
6st115373 Nyi Linn HtetEnergy Use and CO2 Emission from Household Appliances: A Case of Yangon City, MyanmarGraduated, May 2015
7st115262 Ye Thu WinEnergy and Environmental Implications of Passenger Transport in Yangon, MyanmarGraduated, May 2015
8st115379 Natthawut WeerarakEnergy Consumption and CO2 Emission of Hotel Buildings in ThailandGraduated, July 2015
9st115497 Samdina Jamil RashaEnergy and CO2 Emissions from the Passenger Transport Sector in Bangkok 2012-2050Graduated, July 2015
10st115376 Ineej ManandharEnergy Nexus of Household Water Use in Melbourne: Characterization, Quantification and Options for ImprovementsGraduated, May 2015
11st115507 Chalermchai AungaphinantStakeholders’ Perspective on the First Car Subsidy Policy in Thailand: A SWOT- AHP AnalysisGraduated, May 2015
12st115503 Sunit RizalSWOT-AHP Analysis of a Planned Liberalized Oil Market in NepalGraduated, May 2015
13st116025 Mimansha JoshiWater Energy carbon Nexus in Kathmandu’s Urban Water SystemGraduated Dec 2015
14st115360 WaisEnergy consumption and emissions from urban passenger transport in KandaharGraduated Dec 2015
15st116475 Pragya NiraulaAn Assessment of Sustainable Energy Access in Rural Households: A Case of Kavrepalanchowk District, NepalGraduated May 2016
16st116570 Kiddakorn ThavongSupply and demand analysis of biofuel markets in Thailand and the PhilippinesGraduated July 2016
17st115502 Syeda Ismoth IqbalAnalysis of Challenges and Opportunities for Green Energy Financing in BangladeshGraduated Dec 2016
18st117873 Subina ShresthaAn Assessment of Potential Synergies and Conflicts in Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Policies of NepalGraduated May 2017
19st117080 Yin Min AyeEnergy Poverty Assessment of Rural Households: A Case Study in Zalun Township, in Ayeyarwaddy Division in MyanmarGraduated May 2017
20st117662 Shreeya RanaThe Cost of Electricity Not Served: An Analysis for the industrial Sector in NepalGraduated May 2017
21st116563 Mohaimin Sadat SamanodenCO2e Emissions: A Clustering Analysis and Benchmarking of Global CitiesGraduated May 2017  
22st117516 Wahidullah KharotaiBarriers and Opportunities for Off-grid Solar Home System in Afghanistan Based on Stakeholders Perception: A SWOT-AHP AnalysisGraduated July 2017
23st118250 Pratik KarkiBarriers and Opportunities in Cross-border Electricity Trading for Nepal: A SWOT-AHP AnalysisGraduated Dec 2017
24st117884 Wai Yan AungSocio-economic Impacts of Solar Home System in Rural MyanmarGraduated Dec 2017
25st117875 Raunak ThapaPolicy Effectiveness and Upscaling Challenges: The Case of Renewable Energy Subsidy Policy in NepalGraduated Dec 2017
26st118328 Laphongngern ThepphavongEvaluation of the Benefits of a Solar Home System in Laos: A Case Study in Phoukoud District Xiengkhouang ProvinceGraduated Dec 2017
27st118915 Prahlad KishoreUnderstanding and analyzing the factors behind slowing down of bio-mass power plants in ThailandGraduated July 2018
28st119299 Ragi Sai Kiran ReddyTransport Energy and Emissions and Policy Implications in Hyderabad, IndiaGraduated Dec 2018
29st119305 Patipop AmornpanthangImplication of electric vehicles in Bangkok’s energy use and environmentGraduated Dec 2018
30st118593 Bhavin PradhanImplications of Electric Mobility for Kathmandu Valley: Impact on transport energy demand, GHG emissions and barrier analysisGraduated May 2018
31st118614 Samidhi Amodhya WickremesingheCurrent and Future Scenarios of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Colombo, Sri LankaGraduated Dec 2018
32st118665 Rohith C UnniEstimation of Allowable Emissions and GHG Emissions in Passenger Transport From India-A Vehicle Stock Modelling and Scenario Analysis Based ApproachGraduated July 2018
33st118706 Sarmin RaufAnalysis of factors facilitating and Impeding Renewable Energy Financing in NepalGraduated May 2018
34st118707 Tejas ShahCurrent and Future Scenarios of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from PuducherryGraduated May 2018
35st118866 Suthida ChaiyaratsameeBarriers to Upscale EV Charging Station Infrastructure in ThailandGraduated July 2018
36st119224 Shaik Madar SahebCO2 emission from Energy and Industrial in IndiaGraduated Dec 2018
37st119292 H.M. Enamul HaqueCross-border power trade: barrier and opportunities for BangladeshGraduated Dec 2018
38st119386 Mohammed Umar MukthaarDriving factors of India’s energy and GHG emission: a factor decomposition analysisGraduated May 2019
39st119447 Kenneth Daniel Hingpit QuesadaImpacts of household consumption to energy and carbon requirement in PhilippinesGraduated May 2019
40st119563 Pham Van ThoEnergy and carbon footprint of household consumption in VietnamGraduated May 2019
41st120023 Samrat KCMAED-Based Analysis of Energy Demand in Nepal for 2050 Under Multiple ScenariosGraduated Dec 2019
42st119750 Vuong Thi TramDriving factors for Vietnam’s energy and GHG emissionsGraduated May 2019
43st119758  Mr. Franz Andre BrandenbergerBusiness models and barriers for scaling up rooftop solar photovoltaics in ThailandGraduated May 2019
44st120083 Pushpa Lal AcharyaEvaluation of Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Rural Electrification in BhutanGraduated Dec 2019
45st120351 Suprecha ThongsakulpanichThailand’s power generation expansion planning with regional characteristics under carbon pricing and electric vehicles using OSeMOSYS modelGraduated May 2020
46st120298 Pidok KakoSocio-economic impacts of biofuel development in Thailand using economic Input-Output analysisGraduated May 2020
47st 120394 Prashamsa ThapaAn assessment on synergies and tradeoffs between climate goal with other SDGs in NepalGraduated May 2020