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Graduated in 2015
Farooq Name: Mr. Muhammad Khalid Farooq
Thesis Title: General Equilibrium Analysis of Renewable Energy Promotion Policies in Pakistan (December 2015)
Current affiliation: Pakistan Bureau of Statistics
Position: Statistical Officer
Country: Islamabad, Pakistan
Mrs. Sasima CharoekniName: Ms. Sasima Charoekni
Thesis Title: Prioritizing Mitigation and Adaptation Initiatives in Low Cost Housing Systems (December 2015)
Current affiliation: Naresuan University
Position: Lecturer
Country: Thailand
narong1Name: Mr. Narong Poyoo
Thesis Title: A Cylindrical Heat Pipe for Cooling Digital Light Processing Projector (May 2015)
Current Affiliation: Bureau of Energy Human Resource Development, Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
Position: Engineer in Senior Professional Level
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2014
Miss_Kate-Natee_NoipinName: Ms. Kate-Natee Noipin
Thesis Title: Fatty Acid Ethyl Ester (Ethanol Derived Biodiesel) Production(August 2014)
Current affiliation: PTT Public Co. Ltd.
Position: Estate Enterprise Officer
Country: Thailand
Miss_Chanamon_Chantana-94x121Name: Ms. Chanamon Chantana
Thesis Title: Development of a Thermal Energy Storage Type Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat Recovery (August 2014)
Current Affiliation: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University Kamphaengsaen
Position: Lecturer
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2012
Miss_Chamaiporn_Teerasetsopon-93x110Name: Ms. Pichanan Teesetsopon
Thesis Title: Studies on Homogeneously Oriented ZnO Nanorods Dye-sensitized Solar Cellsgasifier (December 2012)
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2011
Name: Mr. Adeel Waqas Ahmad
Thesis Title: PCM (Phase change material) Based Cooling and Heating System Powered by Solar Energy and Night Coolness (January 2011)
Current Affiliation: U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Position: Assistant Professor
Country: Pakistan
Mr._Boonchai_Riangvilaikul_2011-92x110Name: Mr. Boonchai Riangvilaikul
Thesis Title: A study of Dew Point Evaporative Cooling Assisted Solar Liquid Desiccant System (August 2011)
Country: Thailand
Mr._Boonrit_Prasartkaew_2011-93x101Name: Mr. Boonrit Prasartkaew
Thesis Title: A Solar-Biomass Hybrid Air Conditioning System for Residential Application (August 2011)
Current Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT)
Position: Assistant Professor
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2010
Name: Ms. Lerdlekha Tanachaikhan
Thesis Title: Daylighting through Unshaded and Shaded Windows (January 2010)
Current Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering, Ramkhamkaeng University
Position: Deputy Dean for Welfare/ Lecturer
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2008
Name:Ms. Jutamanee Martchamadolq
Thesis Title: Assessment of an Integrated Social-Energy -Economic and Environment Model for Sustainable Development: Thailand Case Study (August 2008)
Country: Thailand
Contact: National Project Coordinator, United Nations Industrial Development (UNIDO), UNIDO Regional Office in Thailand, 5th Floor Department of Industrial Works Building, 57 Phrasumen Road Banglamphoo, Pranakorn, Bangkok 10200, Thailand
22-89x106Name: Mr. Sompop Jarungthammachote
Thesis Title: Equilibrium Models, Thermodynamic Analyses and Experimental Investigations of Multi-stage Air-Steam Downdraft Gasifier (August 2008)
Country: Thailand
3-90x114Name: Mr. Thosapon Katejankarn
Thesis Title: A liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System for Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates (August 2008)
Current Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering and Industrial Technology, Silpakorn University
Position: Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering
Country: Thailand
Graduated in 2007
student-supattanaName: Ms. Supattana Nirukkanaporn
Thesis Title: Electricity Generation Cost under a Reform of the Electric Supply Industry in Thailand (January 2007)
Country: Thailand
Contact: Director, Graduate studies (Electrical and computer Engineering) & Director, International Affairs Office, College of Engineering, Rangsit University, Muang ake, Lak Hok, Muang Pathumthani, Thailand
4-91x114Name: Mr. Pipat Chaiwiwatworakul
Thesis Title:A Study of Tropical Daylight and Its Illuminance Through Window (April 2007)
Country: Thailand
Name: Mr. Augustus Leon Mathias
Thesis Title: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of a Solar-biomass Hybrid Air heating System for Drying Applications (August 2007)
Country: India
student-napapornName: Assoc. Prof. Napaporn Phuangpornpitak
Thesis Title: PV-diesel Hybrid System for Rural Electrification: A Study on Technology Performance and Community Satisfaction (December 2007)
Country: Thailand
Contact: Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kasetsart University, Chalermphrakiat Sakonnakhon Province Campus, Sakonnakhon 47000, Thailand
Graduated in 2005
Abdul-91x114Name: Mr. P. Abdul Salam
Thesis Title: A Comparative Study Of Hydrodynamics And Gasification Performance Of Two Types Of Spouted Bed Reactor Designs (April 2005)
Country: Sri Lanka
Contact: Associate Professor, Energy Program, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, School of Environment, Resources and Development, Asian Institute of Technology, P.O. Box 4, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand
Graduated in 2003
student-wipawadeeName: Ms. Wipawadee Wongsuwan
Thesis Title: Study of Upgrading/Storage of Solar Thermal Energy by Solid Adsorption Chemical Heat Pumps (August 2003)
Country: Thailand
Contact: Director MET program, Research Center for Advanced Energy technology, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Thai Nichi Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


Ph.D. Student: Award/Recognition

A paper co-authored by Dr. Supattana Nirukkanaporn, an Energy field of study graduate and her adviser Professor Sivanappan Kumar of the Energy field of study, School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD), Asian Institute of Technology was chosen as the Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011.The paper “A Transition to Bilateral Trading ESI – Effect to Generation Dispatched Cost an Analysis of the Thai Power System” was published in the International Journal of Energy Sector Management, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp. 577-592, 2010, by Emerald.
It was selected for the award by the journal’s editorial team, which included a number of eminent scholars. According to the judges, the paper was one of the most impressive submissions of academic work the team had reviewed in 2010.


award1Dr. Supattana Nirukkanaporn with Mr. Yang Chen Shen, Business Manager of Emerald Literati Networkaward2Ms. Suppatana Nirukkanaporn and her adviser Prof. Sivanappan Kumar

Graduated in 2016

1. Mr. Abhishek Pathak:  Maximizing Energy Generation from Photovoltaic Arrays through Shading Analysis from Restricted Urban Roof Areas
2. Mr. Nutthapong Sivapraphagorn:  A Study on the Reduction of Electricity Consumption and Cost in Some Buildings at AIT
3. Ms. May Thida Maung: Residential Sector Energy Use in Urban Mandalay
4. Ms. Pallavi Das:  Cost and Reliability Analysis for Off-Grid PV Electrification Options
5. Ms. Pokchat Wechapinant:  Eco-District Development in Thailand: Concept, Guidelines and Design Principles


Graduated in 2015

1. Mr. Jayaram Nirmal: Synthesis and  Characterization of Chitosan-capped Zinc Sulfide Quantum Dots
2. Ms. Umama Zobayer: Experimental Study on Drying Characteristics and Solar Drying of Anchovy Fish
3. Ms. Nang San San Aye: Scheffler Community Type Solar Cooker: Design and Analysis
4. Mr. Ojash Man Singh: A Study on Indoor Air Temperature with Green Roof and Cool Roofs
5. Mr. Hang Za Dal: A study of horizontal light pipe system for interior office buildings


Graduated in 2014

1. Mr. Ekawut Chayakul: A Study on Street Lighting in the AIT Campus
2. Mr. Stevanus Ronald HP Panggabean: A Study on the Steam Generation System in a Pulp and Paper Mill
3. Mr. Patipat Songkiatkul: The Effectiveness of Energy Management System Training Program and Improving the Energy Performance of Thai Industries
4. Ms. Wichayaporn Phoonsap: Performance of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector
5. Mr. Aung Phonn Kyaw: An Assessment on Urban Energy Access in the slum Areas of Shwe Phi Thar Township, Yangon City, Myanmar


Graduated in 2013

1. Mr. Veng Ngoc Chheng: Integrated Audit in a Small Meat-Drying Enterprise in Cambodia
2. Ms. Apinya Aksornkj: A Study on Linear Fresnel Concentrating System for Heat and Electricity Applications
3. Ms. Wipa Loengbudnark: A Study on Embodied Energy of an Educational Building
4. Mr. Md. Shazib Uddin: Life Cycle Analysis of Solar (Thermal and Photovoltaic) and Wind Technologies
5. Mr. Lipu Hossain: A Study on Energy Access in the Slum Areas of Dhaka, Bangladesh
6. Mr. Nonthi Cherdsanguan: A Study on Greenhouse Gas Emission and Air Pollutant Emissions of the Thai Civil Aviation Sector
7. Mr. Attapreecha Joranee: A Study of Green Roof Technology
8. Ms. Manisha Goteti: Design of Framework to Estimate Job Co-Benefits of Renewable Energy Technologies Using Life Cycle Assessment

Graduated in 2012

1. Mr. Najmul Hoque: PV micro utilities for rural electrification in Bangladesh
2. Ms. Naga Srujana Goteti: Indicators for low carbon green growth of the Asia Pacific countries
3. Ms. Pimpatsara: Evaluating the potential of Optical Fiber Solar Lighting for office buildings
4. Mr. Aurosree Biswas: A study on performance of solar concentrating collectors
5. Mr. Ekawit Meteejaroenwong: Combined Heat, Cooling and Power in hotel: Case study of Thailand
6. Mr. Agha Mahmood: A study on energy access and energy use in Kandahar

Graduated in 2011

1. Mr. Ashishkumar Pradeepkumar Paliwal: Development of Village Level Sustainability Indicators
2. Mr. Thamrongpan Chaiyamas: Application of Bilan Carbone� Tool in a Canned Sardine Factory
3. Mr. Narong Pooyoo: Energy Audit and Low Carbon Technologies for the Canned Tuna Industry in Thailand
4. Mr. Supan Thonprom: A study on measures towards green building: Case study of Energy Building (2011/2012)
5. Mr. Thanapol: Performance of solar collectors connected in series (2011/2012)
6. Mr. Tharakorn: An assessment of micro hydro power for rural electrification: A case study of Maesa basin, Thailand (2011/2012)
7. Mr. Kassius Klei de X.M.M.D Ximenes: Renewable energy resources potential and its application in Timor-Leste (2011/2012)

Graduated in 2010

1. Ms. Autchara Poohngamnil: Low Carbon Campus through Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Measures
2. Mr. Earl Macamay Opiso: Assessment of Renewable energy resources potential and application for decentralized rural electrification using geographic information system (GIS)
3. Ms. Prabina Chettri: An Analysis of Energy Use in the Urban Residential Sector of Nepal
4. Mr. Aaolok Hemant Awalikar: Energy conservation in an Indian Winery [Prof. S.K. Jabade (Co-Chair)]
5. Mr. Abhind Anil Joshi: Assessment of energy conservation potential in the Indian Foundry Industry [Prof. S.V. Joshi (Co-chair)]

Graduated in 2009

1. Mr. Bovonson Navaraj: A Study on Energy Conservation of the AIT�s Air-conditioning System
2. Ms. A.G.M.T. Siriwardhana: Development of Sustainable Energy Management Standard for Industry Sector in Sri Lanka
3. Mr. Nopdanai Vichaisarn: A Study on biodiesel production and application from Jatropha in Thailand
4. Mr. Boonchai Riangvilaikul: Liquid Desiccant Dehumidifier Assisted with Dew Point Evaporative Cooling System

Graduated in 2008

1. Ms. Pinnukarn Kosonkam: Implementation on Electricity Saving Strategies for Academic Buildings to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emission
2. Mr. Bishnu Acharya: Hydrogen Enriched Gas Production Using Fluidized Bed Steam Gasification with In-Progress CO2 Capture
3. Ms. Tanuja Bhattacharjee: Greenhouse Gas emission Mitigation through Amine Based CO2 Capture in Coal Fired Electricity Generation Plants
4. Ms. Vijittra Chalatlon: Jatropha Oil for Diesel Engine Application: Estimation of Its Potential in Suphanburi Province Using GIS & RS
5. Ms. Tayaporn Poonkasame: Embodied Energy of Thai Urban Low-Income Construction (Housing) System
6. Mr. Jakkapong Udomsirichakorn: An Investigation of Air-steam Multi-stage Gasifier-Engine System
7. Mr. Henry: A Study on Energy Efficient Building Design with Case Study of Habitech International Building System
8. Mr. Ahmed Ali: Energy and Water Use in a Hotel: A case study at AITCC

Graduated in 2007

1. Ms. Ambika Karkee: An Analysis of Energy Consumption and Implementation of Electricity Use Reduction Practices at an Educational Institution
2. Ms. Wisa Wattanakankit: Energy service in Rural Cambodia
3. Mr Littee Kitpipit: Energy Use in the Tourism Industry of Thailand
4. Mr. Debajit Dutta: A Study on Double Skin Fa�ade in Hot Climate
5. Ms. Kamonphan: A Study of Solar PV-Thermal Hybrids System for Thai Hospitals
6. Mr. Thipmany Outhit: Renewable Energy Promotion (Solar Home Systems) for Sustainable Development in Lao PDR

Graduated in 2006

1. Mr. Thourk Mony: An Assessment on the use of Biomass Cooking Stove in Cambodia: Case Study in Battambang Province
2. Mr. Rut Korsakul: Solar/Biomass/Rock-bed Storage for Continuous Drying
3. Ms. Pathathai Tonsuwonnont: Heat Island and Electrical Energy Consumption in Urban Area
4. Mr. Kamrujjaman Khan: Performance Assessment of Single and Double Effect solar Solid Adsorption Chemical Heat Pump Systems

Graduated in 2005

1. Ms. Tania P. Urmee: Renewable Energy Hybrid System for Decentralized Rural Electrification Using A GIS Based Model
2. Ms. Kamonpan Chumpolrat: A Study of a Si-PV-Thermal System in Thai Hospitals
3. Ms. Nguyen Thi My Trang: Cleaner Production in Seafood Processing Industry a Study in Vietnam
4. Mr. Norbu Tshering: Assessment of Renewable Energy Resources and GIS Mapping for the Kingdom of Bhutan)
5. Mr. Prakash Das: Renewable Energy Based Water Purification System
6. Ms. Chrystalyn Ivie S. Ramos: Experimental Investigations on a Rock-bed Thermal Storage System for Air Heating and Drying Applications
7. Mr. Sok Nattha: Renewable Energy Resources Assessment and Its Application in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Graduated in 2004-2002

1. Mr. Taweeruk: A Study of Waste Heat Recovery from Air-Conditioner Using Heat Pipe (2004)
2. Mr. Nuttapol: Estimation of Sky Temperature by modeling and experimentation (2004)
3. Mr. Nam: Cleaner Production in Vegetable Oil Refining: The case of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2004)
4. Mr. Sushil Adhikari: A Study on Residential Grid Connected Photovoltaic System (2003)
5. Mr. Raveendran: Energy use in withering of tea leaves in Sri Lanka (2002)
6. Mr. Truong: A Study on Energy and Environment Issues in the Plastic forming industry Cas study for Plastic Industry in HoChiMinh City, Vietnam (2002)
7. Mr. Huang: Design, Fabrication and Performance Studies of a CPC Collector (2002)
8. Mr. Ekhaparb: Application of Hydrophobic Membrane for Dehumidification (2002)
9. Mr. Kayasith: Assessment of Renewable Energy and Its Application in Lao PDR (2002).

Graduated in 2001-2000

1. Ms. Meita Rumbayan: Application of Renewable Energy and DSM to Meet Electricity Demand in an Island Community : The case of Sulawesi Island, Indonesia (2001)
2. Mr. Somjet: Performance Evaluation of Solar Thermal Systems Using an Artificial Neural Network (2001)
3. Ms. Christel: Performance Improvement through Cleaner Production Measures in the Cane-Sugar Industry: A Case Study in India (2001)
4. Mr. Kosie: Efficiency Improvements on Photovoltaic Water Pumping Systems in Thailand (2001)
5. Mr. Trung: Efficient Resource Management in the Hotel Industry of Vietnam (2001)
6. Mr. Komkrit: A Study on the Performance of a Natural Circulation Solar Water Heating System (2000)
7. Mr. Yossanai: A Study on PV Pumping and Battery Charging Station in Thailand (2000)
8. Mr. Chirachat: Cleaner Production Potential in a Lube Base Oil Refinery (2000)

Graduated in 1999-1996

1. Mr. Pisit: A Study of Temperature and Flow Distribution In a Natural Circulation Solar Water Heating System (1999)
2. Mr. Chandika Bhatta: An Experimental Study on Hybrid (Solar-Biomass) Drying of Agricultural Products (1999)
3. Mr. Quang: Substitution of Wood with Rice Husks as a Fuel for Brick Making in Binh Dueng Province of Vietnam (1999)
4. Mr. Nanthapan: A Multi Criteria Approach to Energy Conservation in the Agrofood Industries in Thailand (1999)
5. Ms. Mooksuwan: Analysis of Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation System to Upgrading Heat (1999)
6. Mr. Chanwit: A Study of Energy Conversation Potential in the Diary Industry of Thailand (1999)
7. Mr. Khussainov: An Experimental Study of a Solar Hybrid (PV/Thermal) Systems (1999)
8. Mr. Somchai: A Study on the Application of Solar Water Heating Systems in Phitsanulok Province, Thailand (1999)
9. Mr. Nay Oo: A Study of Energy Upgrading Using a Chemical Heat Pump (1998)
10. Mr. Jeevan Jayasuriya: Air Conditioning and Lighting in Sri Lankan Commercial Buildings : Assessment of Electricity Saving Potential (1998)
11. Ms. Gauhar Mastekbayeva: Performance Enhancement of the AIT Solar Tunnel Dryer (1998)
12. Ms. Architrandi Priambodo: GHG Mitigation Potential in Small and Medium Scale Industries in Indonesia and Thailand (1998)
13. Mr. Gnanaranjan: A Study on Solar Tunnel Dryers for Food Products (1997)
14. Ms. Than Than Aye: Experimental Studies on a New Type Solar Cooker (1997)
15. Ms. Wipawadee Wongsuwan: Energy Conservation in Small and Medium Scale Agro Food Industries in Northern Thailand (1997)
16. Ms. Sutharat: A Study on Renewable Energy Hybrid Systems in Thailand (1997)
17. Ms. Juntakan Taweekun: Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioning Systems in Commercial Buildings: The Case of Thailand (Chair: Dr Mohanty) (1997)
18. Mr. Tran Minh Khoa: Biomass Energy in Vietnam : An Experimental Study on Emissions from Domestic Cookstoves (Chair: Prof. Bhattacharya) (1997)
19. Mr. Majdey: A Techno Economic Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems in Maldives (1996)

Name: Ms. Pallavi Das
Nationality: Indian
Education: Masters in Energy Technology
Position: Research Associate
Unit: Energy FoS
Project: Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) sponsored project
Employment: June 2016 -
Contact: Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Ms. Neriza CabahugName: Ms. Neriza Cabahug
Nationality: Filipino
Education: BS Commerce
Position: Research Associate
Projects: Technology Needs Assessment (TNA); Low Carbon Cities/Green Campus Initiatives; RETs Community Farming
Employment: May 2011 to present
Contact: Asian Institute of Technology
Previous affiliation: Asian Society for Environmental Protection INC, Thailand Science Park
Name: Mr. Arnab Chaudhury
Nationality: Indian
Education: BS. Chemical Engineering
Position: Research Assistant
Unit: Energy FoS
Employment: December 2014 to September 2015
Ms. Shuvee NeupaneName: Ms. Shuvee Neupane
Nationality: Nepalese
Education: Masters of Technology in Environmental Engineering
Position: Research Associate
Project: Urban Energy Access in Myanmar-Knowledge and Outreach (GNESD 2)
Employment: January 2014 to October 2014
Previous affiliation: R&D coordinator, SmartUrja, One Planet Solution Pvt. Ltd, Nepal;
Consultant: Team Leader, 12th Round Monitoring of Solar Household Systems; Engineer, Energy International Pvt .Ltd, Kathmandu, Contact: The Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, USA
Ms.Pujan Shrestha UdashName: Ms.Pujan Shrestha Udash
Nationality: Nepalese
Education: MSc. in Urban Environmental Management
MSc. in Ecology and Environment
Position: Research Associate
Projects: 1. Urban Peri Urban Energy Access Project, 2. Biofuel Policy Study, 3. Sumernet - CDKN
Employment: January 2012 to January 2014
Current affiliation: Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Position: Policy Advisor
Contact: Ontario, Canada
Ms. Naga Srujana GotetiName: Ms. Naga Srujana Goteti
Nationality: Indian
Position: Research Associate
Project: ADBI Green Growth Indicators, SEI Green Tourism
Employment: June 2012 to June 2013
Current affiliation: Rochester Institute of Technology
PhD Candidate - Golisano Institute for Sustainability, RIT
Contact: New York, USA
Ms. Barsha PandeyName: Ms. Barsha Pandey
Nationality: Nepalese
Position: Research Associate
Project: Technology Needs Assessment (TNA)
Employment: January 2011 to May 2013
Current affiliation: The World Bank
Position: Research Analyst
Contact: Kathmandu, Nepal
Ms. Sireesha.BName: Ms. Sireesha Bantu
Nationality: Indian
Position: Research Associate
Project: An experimental development study of Micro hydro plant for low heads using pump as turbine & PMSG (AIT-EHMF Collaborative project)
Employment: 2010 to 2013
Current affiliation: Contract Management Office (OFAM), Asian Institute of Technology
Position: Senior IFM Officer
Contact: Bangkok, Thailand
Mr. Alberto PedrajasName: Mr. Alberto Pedrajas
Nationality: Filipino
Position: Program Officer
Project(s): (i) National University of Laos (NUOL); (ii) Asian Regional Research Program in Energy, Environment and Climate Phase I-III; (iii) Planning Urban Research; iv) Renewable Energy Technologies in Asia (RETs in Asia); v) Technical Cooperation Programmes (TCP) on Land Management.
Employment: March 1999 - September 2012
Current affiliation: Central Azucarera de San Antonio (CASA)
Position: Technical Staff
Contact: Central Azucarera de San Antonio (CASA), Philippines
Mr. Pravakar PradhanName: Mr. Pravakar Pradhan
Nationality: Nepalese
Position: Research Associate
Project(s): (1) Low Carbon Cities, (2) Sumernet-CDKN
Employment: June 2010 – February 2013
Current affiliation: Asian Institute of Technology and Management (AITM), Climate Change & Development Resource Center, AITM
Position: Research Fellow
Contact: Lalitpur, Nepal
Mr. Janardhana AnjanappaName: Mr. Janardhana Anjanappa
Nationality: Indian
Position: Research Associate
Project: Technology Needs Assessment (TNA)
Employment: June 2012 - February 2013
Previous affiliation: Information Technology and Engineering, AIT Extension Office
Position: Program Officer
Contact: India
Merina Lohani SitoulaName: Merina Lohani Sitoula
Nationality: Nepalese
Position: Research Associate
Project: Technology Needs Assessment (TNA)
Employment: September 2010 to August 2011
Current affiliation: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, PhD Candidate
Contact: Melbourne, Australia